Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Congratulations Zahin

   On the 4th December 2011 at the Multimedia University in Malaysia, the UCMAS competition was held.  

 There were 18000 students from 59 countries who participated in the competition.

  Zahin Raiyan Nafi of Class 5 from ITHS Gulshan Branch was among the participants. 

 ITHS is proud to announce that Zahin secured 2ndposition in that competition. He had to solve  150 sums in each exam sheet.

  On behalf of everyone of ITHS, we would like to congratulate Zahin Raiyan for his brilliant achievement.

Teacher's Picnic

   Teachers with their children from preschool and junior section,Gulshan Branch had a picnic on Saturday,17.12.2011.
   It was astounding to spend a day out with friends and colleagues  in an open space by the Bank  of River Balu , leaving all the busy  and stressful life away.

The cold spell and dense fog couldn’t stop the picnic lovers to stay indoors.

   Children enjoyed the picnic and they played freely.Some of them drew pictures sitting near to their parents and others played freely on the sandy land defeating the biting cold.

   The day spent in fun, laughter and playing games like Badminton, volleyball and football.
   School arranged barbeque which was cooked out. Every one enjoyed the food very much.
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Art Exhibition On Victory Day Of Bangladesh

  In the pictures given below, you are going to witness the students’ love for their country.

 Because their love for their country, has reflected on their drawings and writings.

As you see our dear followers the future of Bangladesh will be as bright as the sun.

 Thanks to this promising generation.

For more pictures about art exhibition, please click on the following link.

Victory Day Celebrations of Gulshan Pre-School and Junior Section (2011-2012)

    History is forever are matter of remembering what has been. Forty years ago, in this land history took shape and form a new nation and the children of I.T.H.S. celebrate that occasion, the victory day of Bangladesh on 15th December at the Gulshan Preschool Section premises.

   A short program was organized including bangla dances & songs as a tribute to our freedom fighters who gave us an independent Bangladesh after fighting for nine months & sacrifice.   

   I.T.H.S children are proud to celebrate the victory day- a day full of joy & laughter which reflects on their faces wearing red & green colored dresses. Exactly looks like the national flag of Bangladesh.

       In their mind they had the color of green and red which were reflected through their songs and poems.


    Students also shared their views about our war and showed their heartiest respects towards our freedom fighters.

One of the students read a letter of a freedom fighter. 

For more pictures about Victory Day Celebrations of Gulshan Branches, please click on the following link.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Kids Day Out Class 4 and 5

   Students enjoy to get free time and to be out with their friends and teachers to feel or think in a different way which can be too valuable lessons for them.

 Students from class 4 and 5  had a wonderful day out at the teachers’ home in Gulshan 2.

   They spent the time with their class friends and teachers in playing games, exchanging recognizing and solving their problems related to subjects or any friend. The yummy food served to them for lunch gave them great pleasure.

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Visiting Parents

 Our Kids need to practice socialization. So to fulfill this purpose the teachers visit parents, spend time with the families, exchange and share with them about their kids’ performance, manners and behaviors at school and home. Kids also feel proud to have their own guests and to get the opportunity to entertain them.

A few teachers from Gulshan Junior Section had a visit to the house of Tasbih Akhter from class 3A.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sports Day - Playgroup

   You can easily realize what’s going on by seeing the picture…see our playgroup children are having sports day though they are not able to understand what sports is.

   They know very well what is game & fun. Children are marching like soldiers not with the gun but with the spirit of their inner feelings. 

 Look at the chart on the board….yes they are growing with the same spirit & wisdom of Olympic in I.T.H.S, GULSHAN-preschool section.

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Badminton Competition

     From last week we have started a very exciting Badminton tournament. Girls from each class have teamed with their favorite teachers. In each day two matches are held. Those matches were exciting, even now.

       Around the match arena so many spectators gather to take the excitement. Both teams have their supporters. They always try to encourage their team. If their supported teams win all of them burst with joy. If their team loses, then all of them wait for the next match.

     Our teachers have who participated in the tournament also trying their best. At all and this type of tournament actually encouraging the students to play different types of game rather than football and cricket.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kids Day Out

              On Thursday,
                 December 08, 2011,
               Students of Grade 5 had  “Kids Day Out”

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Super Car

   ITHS students learn their lessons with many co-curricular activities. In seesaw book the student of kg-2 read about a ‘Super Car ‘.It has many functions .It’s a magic car! So the students had a project to make their own ‘Super car ‘from their imagination.

       They wrote about their car’s activities .The children at this age have their own imaginary world. This project helped them to express their imagination and made it wider. They applied  their wonderful ideas and the project was really colorful.

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Science Project

     To develop the latent talent and mental power children of I.T.H.S. do many activities related with the lessons through out the year. This week K.G.1 children work on the chapter ‘Growing’, “How does a chick comes from the egg?” 

  They used the egg shell and made many interesting craft. See how wonderful these are! 
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  Kg-1 Cleanliness is a part of maintaining a good health. We all should keep our environment clean and healthy. ITHS students always maintain a healthy life and they have a manner class regularly so last week they had a class on keeping their environment clean.

  There they learned how to keep the environment clean and did that practically. They went outside of the class and clean the school premises. They enjoyed cleaning and it increased their awareness of cleaning.

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