Sunday, January 29, 2012

Debate Club Notice


Success is the sum of small efforts,

Repeated day in and day out

We congratulate the students for their achievement. 

Names of the students of Academic Achievers 

for 2011-2012 Academic Year 

1st term

have been published.


To see the results,

please click on the picture below.

Winter Project

         Work on tree done by the children of Kg 1
    This is the end of 1st  semester .Children enjoyed the day with some of project works. 

   They made a book of tree by themselves. The gist of the book is, “how does  a tree come from a seed and also how  it grows.”

    There is another work done by them, that is a story book, name: ‘They Look’. It’s their holiday home work. They will color and read it by themselves.
   It was a great day as they were having a pot lunch .They brought food for their friends and enjoyed, shared the delicious food with their pears