Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sports Day

The Sports Day of I.T.H.S Junior Section (class 3-5), Uttara Main Campus took place on Saturday, 03 March, 2012. At the advent of spring, on a sunny summer morning, students starting from class 3 to class 5 kept coming from 13.00 a.m. to the field of the main campus to take part at the events of the annual sports.


A good number of interesting games and sports were in the list: sack race, handkerchief game, fireball, race, rope pulling, and pair game were significant among all. 
The fair weather with gentle spring air was cooperative. The cheering students burst into playful mirth as the events were going on.

Prize giving Ceremony of International Mother Language Day program

  The students of KG-section (I.T.H.S  Gulshan  Pre-school) took part in a competition as a tribute to the ‘International Mother Language Day ‘ 2012. In this regard the prize distribution ceremony was held on 5th March 2012 at the school premises.

Our students (Kg1 to Class 2) and teachers
had an enjoyable picnic 
at Main Campus

Monday, March 5, 2012

Badminton Tournament

 From last week we have started a very exciting Badminton tournament In each day two matches are held. Those matches were exciting, even now.
Around the match arena so many spectators gather to take the excitement. Both teams have their supporters. 

 They always try to encourage their team. If their supported teams win all of them burst with joy. If their team loses, then all of them wait for the next match.

Milad un-Nabi

Students of ITHS expressed

their longing for Dear Prophet (s.a.w)

through letter.

Science Class

In the subject of  science, Class-3 students have a chapter of Plants. They learn all about plants, as for example their parts,types,shapes, sizes, colors etc.


To  have a practical idea about plants students  of class 3 gulshan  junior  section went to a nursery.