Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Science club

Like previous year the student of ITHS Gulshan branch  science club has come up with innovative ideas and this year they have already started to explore. The exhibitions of science club are held in every Saturday. On this Saturday, September 22, 2012 the students of class 5 (science club) has made an experiment which is called “Gloopy Oobbleck”. 
The main object of the experiment was to differentiate between a liquid state and solid state of a material. For this purpose student have used corn  flour, water and food color. They mixed the corn flour with water and food color to have an examine of whether it acts like liquid or solid material. They have found that when the mixture was touched it acts like liquid but when students tried to rub and pull, it just split up and totally acted like a solid material . All students enjoyed this experimental exercise under the demonstration of science teachers. Every Saturday the students of science club are assigned with new and different project which seems to be very much thrilling for them and it’s a great fun for the students as well.

ITHS Karate club

This year ITHS Gulshan Branch (junior section)  has launched a new club for the students which is Karate 

The karate classes have started at the beginning of the month September ,2012.Karate training  at the basketball ground of Gulshan  campus has started under the  specialist coach from Karate Federation Mr. Showkot Hossain Linton. 

Students are learning the basic exercises and it will be carrying on for almost 8 months.  After that student will be introduced with the karate belt and the level of excellence.

Science Class

Science class
The students of science classes have already started their new experimental exercises. This week their experimental exercise was to make a model of plant cell or animal cell by using rubber ,cotton, paper and color. The enthusiastic students of the science class were asked to describe the part of plant/animal cells and its functions. It’s a very beneficial learning methodology for the students to have an acknowledgment & learn new terms from their science books.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Seminar with Parents of Class 1 Students

Gulshan Junior Section of ITHS organized a ‘Seminar’ on 9th September 2012 (Monday) with the ‘Parents’ of Class 1 students. Every year Gulshan Junior Section organizes this seminar with the parents of class 1 students as they are the new comers to the school. ITHS believes that it is important to introduce the teachers and parents to each other and discuss some important issues before the students start their new journey.


 During the seminar the respective teachers of class 1 introduced the books and copies to the parents, explained the exam rules and marking system, explained different indoor activities that would be performed during school hours like Learn Manners, Project Presentation, Speech, Question of the Week etc. The teachers also introduced and explained extracurricular activities of the school which are Tidiness Club, Library Club, Debate Club, Football Club, Home Activity Reporting etc.


 The parents were also been briefed on school uniform for both summer and winter as well as disciplinary rules of the school. After successful completion of the seminar the parents had a clear idea about the school environment as well as the activities their children are going to do.

The teachers also had a brief knowledge about their new students and any special care/needs they require during their stay in the school. Overall, the seminar was very useful for the parents and the teachers.