Friday, November 28, 2014

Dental Care Day

Dental Care Day at Junior for the students of Class 1&2

Matching Letters with Objects

Playgroup children are matching letters with objects

Dance Rehearsal

Some of Dance Club members are getting ready for the function which will be held on Saturday, November 22, 2014

Drama Rehearsal

Some of our Junior Section students are ready for the drama for November 22...

Birthday Party

Birthday party in Class 1

Science Project

Project of science, KG 2 dove
How does a plant grow from seed

Vegetable and Fruit Time

Vegetable and fruit time... KG2


One of the projects of Class 5 about cyclone

Dance Class

Some of our playgroup students are having dance class

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Green Planet

A green planet is a clean planet!!!!
Our children of nursery morning shift are busy to make their small planet green

Reading Club

Reading Club activity of Gulshan Preschool 

Interview with Mr. Tanvir from Al Jazeera International

Press Club Members had an efficacious interview 
with Mr. Tanvir A. Chowdhury, 
Bangladesh Representative of 
Al Jazeera International. 
Mr. Tanvir had answered all the questions 
of our club members sincerely.
We thank to Mr. Tanvir 
for his time,
during his busy schedule,
to talk to our Press Club members. 
We appreciate his time 
and consideration in interviewing our students 
about journalism.

Speaking Club

Members of Speaking Club of Gulshan Preschool are describing the pictures to enhance their speaking skill

Wednesday, November 26, 2014



Science Class

Football Tournament

Second Semi Final of the Football Tournament

Puzzle Game

Kg 1 Tulip had some fun with puzzle game

Science project

Science project work on Living/Non living

Physical Exercise

Doing physical exercise & having fun by Kg2

Exercise during PE class

Junior section students are having exercise during PE class

Making animals


A plant a day to
keep the flood away!!!
Children of nursery day shift are busy with plantation

Bin Bag Game

At the weekend 
children of nursery 
enjoying game time. 
It's a bin bag game!!!!!