Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ref : PO.320/104                                                                                           Date: 01.June.2015
Sub : Information for 2014–2015 Academic Year and next session

Dear Parents,

We would like to inform you about some important points for 2014–2015 Academic Year and coming session.
1.      2014-2015 Academic Year ends on 20.June.2015.
2.      Final Exams will be held between 06.June.2015 and 16.June.2015. In case of any unavoidable circumstances there may be some modifications on the Final Exams Schedule.
3.      Report Cards will be distributed on 20.June.2015 in between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon in relevant branches.
4.      You are kindly requested to clear all the necessary payments including school magazine fee for 2014–2015 Academic Year by 15.June.2015 so that the report cards could be given to you on time.
5.      2015–2016 Academic Year will start on 23.August.2015.
6.      Admission Renewal will be started on 01.July.2015 and will be done only in our Main Campus (Plot: 7, Road: 6, Sector: 4, Uttara, Dhaka). You are requested to show your ward’s current Report Card and previous year’s Bank Deposit Books to the Account Section during Admission Renewal Period.
7.         Tuition fees for the coming Academic Year 2015-16 will be either deposited to the Dutch Bangla Bank or transacted by using e- payment method. (Please see the details in the attached notice.)
8.         E- Payment registration form is attached along with this Year End Notice and interested parents are expected to return the completed forms by 20.June.2015. Parents are strongly recommended to prefer e-payment method for their payment.
9.      Admission renewal must be completed by 16.July.2015. After 16.July.2015 and vacancy in each class will be filled up with the students in the waiting list. Therefore, for your convenience, complete your admission renewal as early as possible. In this regard, School Management will not take any responsibility for any inconvenience.
10.  Parents who have two or more children studying in our school should take Sibling Scholarship Appeal / Renewal Form either from Admission Offices or download from the following link  and submit it back in order to benefit from Sibling Discount during Admission Renewal Period. (
11.  To avail school transport, even you are already benefiting, (re)book your seat by completing the payment of the first instalment by 16.July.2015. School Management will not be responsible for any unavailability.
12.  Information about next session book lists, academic calendar, school uniforms, etc. will be given to you during Admission Renewal Period at Main Campus.
13.  All sorts of ready-made school uniforms, uniform fabrics, text-books, all accessories and all stationery items will be available at retail shop BNT (Skyline Galleria, House: 21, Road: 7, Sector: 4, Uttara, Dhaka). There will be no sale at any ITHS premises.
14.  Our Admission Office and Account Offices will remain closed between 17.July.2015 and 07.August.2015. 
15.  During summer vacation office hours in our school will be from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
We wish you a nice vacation
   The School Management  

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