Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Seed Germination

Project  Presentation on Seed Germination 

children of class 1 Red are doing group project work on food

"class 2 Green" science project on food

Agora supper shop visit

 In a fine morning of Wednesday the children of K.G1, Gulshan preschool have gone to enjoy the AGORA SUPPER SHOP visit. It it a part of their lesson.
They roamed around, had fun, saw the real fruits, vegetables, saw how to do shopping. It was real fun and a practical learning.  

Professional Day

 ITHS Gulshan Preschool has once arranged a professional day for K>G children , it was on the day of 26th of April 2016.  It’s a great opportunity for the children  to see and appreciate the many ways in which people work to earn a living and develop their skills, abilities, and talents. Plus, we never know, they just may find something they want to be when they grow up and will learn what they needs to do to achieve their goal!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration of Wazifa from pg butterfly

fun filled activity

The students of KG-2 took part in a fun filled activity on making short words using the letters from the word 'butterfly'. It aimed at enriching their vocabulary and brainstorming.

Kg 1 students are enjoying their Snacks Party.