Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dear Parents,

Upon the request from parents, considering the busy schedule of the last days of Ramadan, the admission renewal period for 2016-2017 Academic year has been revised as follows:

The admission renewal period will stop tomorrow, June 23, 2016 and it will resume on Saturday, July 16,2016. The last date of admission renewal period is 28th July, 2016.

Please disregard this message, if the admission is already completed.

Thank you for  your understanding.

Kind regards

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kg I students are receiving their reading competition's crest

Toddlers are enjoying their class party at KFC

Taqhars birthday celebration at playgroups classparty

Playgroup bee children r enjoying the class party @kfc

pg Rainbow's class party @KFC

Kayifs birthday pg butterfly

Birthday celebration

Class party of Nursery held at KFC. Kaji Ameena's birthday added more fun for the students of Nursery Red

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration of Parihan Zakir Pongkti ( Kg 1 Rose)

Kg 1 class party