Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dear parents;
Due to unavoidable circumstances, school will remain closed tomorrow.

Notice to Junior Section Parents

August 29, 2016

Dear parents,
It is a letter to grab your attention about the car parking in front of the school and passing away while dropping off and picking up the students of ITHS.
Recently we have been experiencing much increased problem with local congestion during the school drop and pick-up times and we don’t want the issue going out of control. We are writing to you in the hope that together we can come up with a solution that not to get stuck behind lines of traffic twice every day. It is a healthy idea to cut down the congestion.
We request you to come to the school from west side (main road) and to exit by east side on Road-111.
Parents should not get out of their cars for any reason during drop off or pick up times. Our guards and lady helping hands are there to help the students to get down from the car and get in to the car. In case of getting out of the car, you’re requested to instruct your driver NOT to park on Road-111. Please remember that while parking the car (if it is necessary and urgent) you can use Road- 110 or Road-115 or closer roads which are near to the school.
Keeping school bag in the car trunk consumes time and makes others wait in the line. Please keep the bag near you.  
Please instruct your driver not to horn near school as we get complain from our neighbors. We have to inform you if unnecessary use of horn repeats to notify you for your driver’s action.
If you have any question or suggestion regarding this letter, please e- mail us at the following address.
We appreciate all that you do for our school and we look forward to seeing positive actions during this sensitive time. Thanks for reading.

Head of Section

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Dear Parents,

                        We are going to have an orientation program of Kg 1 on 24th of August 2016, Wednesday at 11.15 am to 12.15 pm at our Preschool Premises.
You are requested to attend the meeting which will be a scope of getting updated information about the new session. We need “School & Family” co-operation and your kind mental contribution to overcome any unexpected difficulties

                         We expect your cordial agreement to this matter and request you to be at school premises on time. You will be appreciated if you leave your bags, laptop and any other belongings in your car for the security measures.

Thank you for all kind of support.
                                                                                                         Ismail Akbas  
                                                                                                       Head of Section
                                                                                                   September 22, 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Dear parents;
There are advantages and difficulties to live together in this modern world. As ITHS, it is managements and the parents duty to maintain a good neighborhood as for not to give any difficulty to our neighbors. We got some complains from our neighbors regarding car horns.
We request you to instruct you drivers to avoid completely use of horn in front of school premises.   

Your cooperation is highly appreciated. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Dear parents;
We have the following books in Gulshan Junior Section and you can collect them from the office. Reason of keeping them in our branch is to reduce number of journey to Uttara for book & stationery purpose.
If their required book / copy is not available in the following list, parents are requested to go to Junior Section office to inform and collect from Gulshan in 2 school days time.   
Thank you.

Available items are as follow:
Our Beautiful Faith Level -1:         Grade-1
Our Beautiful Faith Level -2:         Grade-2
Our Beautiful Faith Level -3           Grade-3
Religion And Values Year -4          Grade-4
Religion And Values Year -5          Grade-5
See Saw 3           
A) Activity                           Kg-2
B) 3 People                         Kg-2
Basic Mathematics           Kg-1
Cholo Pori o Likhi             Kg-1
Lovely Colouring               Nur

School T-Shirt     

playgroup rainbow's first week

playgroup rainbow's first week

Playgroup bee

Playgroup bee children r playing

playgroup bee

2nd day @school.playgroup bee

playgroup bee

First Day @school .playgroup bee






Nursery yellow

Teachers are celebrating birthday of ZEINAB from Nursery yellow

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Dear parents,
You’re requested:
- to keep school bag in the morning along with the student inside of vehicle instead of car trunk for quick flow
-not to horn in front of school
-not to keep the vehicle for a long time right in front of school.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Dear parents,
from today on, there will be adjustments for break times and
Class 1 & 2 students will be leaving at 1.45 pm.
Please pick up accordingly.
All the guardians from preschool and junior sections are humbly requested to keep school bag in the morning along with the student inside of vehicle instead of car trunk for quick flow.


First day of Nursery Red. They are very happy to see their new class and their teachers


Our first day in Kg-1


We have  started our journey  Kg-2 Dove


Students of kg 2 Dove are happy after getting welcome gift


Birthday Celebration Of Md Fahim Hasan Khan. Kg-2 Nightingale


A happy start of the new academic year. Kg 2 Robin


A happy Beginning Of Kg-2 Nightingale