Saturday, May 20, 2017

Iftar party

Dear Parents,
The holy month of the year is near, and we are arranging an Iftar party to celebrate the month of Ramadan. It would be our pleasure if you join us in this occasion. Iftar party will be on 31st May, 2017, in Gulshan Junior premises. You can bring your children with you too.
If you are interested, please inform the respective branch by May 24, 2017.
 Ismail AKBAS
Head of Section

Friday, May 19, 2017

Nursery yellow students made block print in craft class

Nursery Green💚 children learning block printing on fabric⚛️☸️🔯💟

Nursery Green💚 children busy preparing Mother's Day card for their beloved Mothers❤️

Birthday celebration of Adeeba Afsa Ahmed, KG-1 Lily

Play group bee children celebrated their favorite friend Rafan's birthday

Playgroup Rainbow having yummy tiffin 🍝🍔🍫🍪🍗🍜

Play group bee children are busy in making a cloudy sky

craft pasting blue sky -pg rainbow

Children of Nursery Red did a worksheet on 'Me and My friend'. They looked very happy while doing the worksheet

Nursery yellow students made okra print in craft class on tortoise . 🐢

Nursery yellow students made a card for Mothers Day

Gratitude to mothers by Playgroup Rainbow

Children of toddler pasted carrots in their Art and Craft class to know about vegetables

Children of toddler made card for their mother for mother's day

Children of Nursery Red took the cards which they made for their mothers for the Mother's Day