Sunday, October 15, 2017

Assembly Activity: Extempore Speech.

Maths Club

Class 2 Green is learning Human Teeth in group work

Chess Club

Birthday Celebration of Rhythm Class 5 Red

Tree Plantation Class 1 Red

Tree Plantation Class 5 Red

Tree Plantation Class 5 Green

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tree Plantation 4 Green

Tree Plantation 3 Red

Tree Plantation 3 Green

Tree Plantation 2 Red

Tree Plantation 2 Green

Tree Plantation 1 Green & Blue

Kids Gardening  with Class 1 Green and Blue .let the kids get this fun , interactive program where they will learn how to garden from start to finish! Kids will learn the essential importance of plants and growing food themselves.

Robotics Club

Craft Club

Press Club

Birthday Celebration of FARIHA BINTE SALEH from class 4 Green.

"Tidiness Club Result" Month: September Winner Class: Class 4 Red