Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Agora visit

Agora visit: - Picking a good preschool program involves not only asking the right questions, but also using your eyes and ears on a visit. Our preschoolers visited Agora super shop to have practical knowledge about different fruits and vegetables. It was a great experience! Kids loved it.

ITHS Gulshan Primary Section recently took part in the Independence Day competition organized by the Gulshan Society on 17th March 2018. Students of two age groups took part in the categories of art, music, dance, poem recitation and extempore speech

The proud nation of Bangladesh commemorates the country's declaration of independence on 26th March. The day was observed by the ITHS preschooler of Gulshan branch by saluting the national flag and singing National anthem. Children enjoyed and spent the morning time in school in practicing some cultural activities and art competition.

ITHS Gulshan Primary Section observed the glorious Independence Day to instill the essence of patriotism among the young learners. The programme started with the recitation of Sura Fatiha followed by the National Anthem, speech on the significance of the day, songs, dance, poem recitation and finally freeing pigeons to symbolize peace and independence

Students of class 5 went on a picnic to have a memorable day out with friends and teachers.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Students of kg 2 are busy in doing activity in English class

Students of KG 2 are exploring hair dryer and ping pong ball air pressure experiment during Science Club

Students of KG 2 are exploring hair dryer and ping pong ball air pressure  experiment during Science Club

Playgroup rainbow enjoying their play time

Extempore speech

Class 2 red presenting their project on “Space and Solar System”

Tidiness Club Result Month February Winner Class "Class 1 Red".

Rhyme Recitation Competition'


Inter-class football tournament