School Management Software

Dear Parents,
ITHS has developed web based school management software which makes you informed about your child’s educational progress and evaluation.
Please follow the steps given below in order to use School Management Software:
STEP 1: Browse our school’s website:
STEP 2: Click “Academic Login” as shown below.

STEP 3: Click on “Parents Login”.

STEP 4: Enter your user name and password then select “Guardian”. (Enter your child’s ITHS No as your user name and 1234 as your password for the first time. You are kindly requested to change your password after first logging in.

As development and maintenance is still going on, you might face some troubles or not updated  information. In that case please inform the school authority.
In this regard, your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

ITHS Authority suggests you to have ITHS Notifier Application in case of having smart phone with internet connection as it is fastest notifying means. ITHS Notifier Application can be freely downloaded from Android and IOS (Apple) mobiles, tabs and other devises. To apprehend the details of ITHS Notifier Application, please visit our blog;


School Management


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