ITHS Notifier



Dear Parents,

We are pleased inform you that our new push notification application ‘ITHS 

Notifier’ has been released in both 

Google Play Stor


Apple Store

You will be able get school notices 

through this application 

after downloading and installing for your 

Android and IOS (Apple) mobiles, tabs and other devises

To download and install 

please follow the steps in the pictures below.

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  1. 1. 14 (fourteen) steps!

    2. My child's ITHS No. written on the official Receipt Book is S.04194. I can not type this Number as the system does not accept any letter to type. I thus had to type only numbers, i.e., 04194 or 4194. I followed the other onscreen instructions thereafter, e.g., branch, class. But the system is telling me 'student could not be found'.

    3. I have another kid at another class. I tried her details as well. results are the same: 'student could not be found'!

    4. This is not the first time we encountered this sort of thing in a few months time. After completion of admission for 2016-2017 academic year in the main campus at Uttara, for example, when we went to the bank to make the payment a few days later , the bank denied to take the same advising us that the Receipt Book provided by school for payment lacks a seal from the school.

    5. I am paying a monthly installment fee for a circustic cash amount of Tk.15,318.75 in the bank!

    6. If we cannot help, we must not expose ourselves as nuisance for others.


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